My Favorite Links
Learn more about Evolution by visiting
UCMP Evolution Hall
Sivatherium is a Russian site with English
pages in the works, but devoted to another
person's view of the future of evolution. Click
above to visit.
General Animal Sites
Thousands of rare bird links can be
found at WorldTwitch, plus tour info
and backyard bird supplies.
Sites for Animal Conservation
Zoo Sites for our area
Sites to help with understanding Evolution
My Other Websites
TG's Chihuahuas

I don't breed anymore, but the site is
open to those who want to learn about
the breed and how to find a good
breeder. Don't forget to check out our
colors page and see all the beautiful
colors in chihuahuas!
Uncle Martin and the Gang

My sister website to this site. Download
and view all of our wonderful and
creative stories we have done over the
past 30 years! E-books available, as
well as full bound copies for you to bring
home. Free membership!
We would like to thank Tejas of White Hats Webworks
for designing the front page template for Metazoica. Please
visit their website!
Timmyfan Whispers

My blog where I talk about all kinds of
subjects, mostly about INXS. But I also
poke fun at the dim-witted anime and
video game freaks of YouTube. Check it