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Welcome to the new and improved Meet The Mammals section of Metazoica. Here you will meet all the wonderful mammals thought up by the curator of Metazoica. There are more than 3000 species of mammals now listed for the Metazoic, and before this site is complete, you will see information for all of them. To view the mammals as a family, click on any of the categories at the right side of this page. New entries will also be added to the box below, if you'd like to visit a species individually, click on the picture below.


About the Curator


Dee Dee Rivera has been working on Metazoica since 1992, and has accumulated knowledge of some of the Worlds foremost authorities on the subject of speculative future evolution. The Metazoic project has been going on online since 2004, and now displays more than 3000 species. Dee Dee currently resides in Washington State in the USA with her sister and 3 dogs.


Featured categories:

-Choerocaballidae (Pig-horses)
-Myrmecophagidae (Anteaters)
-Monaciidae (Metazoic Apes)
-Chirosapidae (True Lemurs)
-Oreippidae (Kocamoam And Allies)
-Dasypodidae (Armadillos)
-Heitostiidae (Swamphorn)
-Promonsamiidae (Aquatic Lemurs)
-Deinognathidae (Deinognathids)
-Diplonearidae (Abbergants)


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