Range: central African rainforests.

Habitat: jungle.

Size: HBL is about 28 inches long. Tail is about 4 inches long. Weight is about 30-35 pounds.

Character: This is a small ape with an unusual feature. The chest is armored with hardened flesh. It is not real armor, but more like a cover-all callus. This makes it difficult for some predators to penetrate the chest area of the animal, which is completely naked and vulnerable. Only the males have this feature. Females have a fully-furred chest, and are a lot more vulnerable. They defend themselves by staying close to the males. These are strictly arboreal animals, almost never, if ever, retreating to ground levels. Homes, nests, water sources, and all food sources are sought in the trees. They build little tents in the trees by breaking in branches, and a bed of leaves. These animals are omnivores, and feed mostly on leaves, fruit, eggs, larvae of insects, tree slugs and snails, and small vertebrates. They drink water that has collected in forks and hollows in trees. The groups are large, consisting of about 20 individuals. All are led by a dominant male. They are diurnal animals. They stay hidden in their personal "tents" at night. Like other apes, they move through the trees in a hand-over-hand type motion known as brachiation. These animals can actually cover more than 25 feet in a single bound. Predators are many. Spathodon is among several ground-based predators that take these animals on the very rare occasion they do come to the ground. Dryptopithecus is a predatory monkey that can chase these apes through the trees. A male may have several females that he mates with. Each female has a single offspring that is carried around on the chest.

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